SDK Libraries

The TrueDialog SDKs are wrappers around our RESTful Web API that enable developers to integrate with the API using native language constructs. SDKs are currently available for .NET, Java, PHP, and Ruby.

Using the SDKs makes it possible to accomplish tasks with far less code. We have coded common patterns and best practices directly into the SDKs, we highly recommend using an SDK if one is available for your preferred environment.

Uses of the SDKs

Create and Update







Includes example programs that provide basic demonstration of:

Setup projects with details on how to perform basic one time setup

Setup a campaign

Send a campaign / message

Add/Remove keywords

Setup callbacks

Search for a contact

Create and modify a contact

Folder Organization:

The "Setup" folder contains example code on how to perform the initial setup of items. These items are things that usually only need to be done once. For example, you only need to create a keyword once, after it is created you may attach (detach) it as much as you'd like.

The "Common" folder provides examples on things you would do multiple times. Such as pushing a campaign, searching for a contact or attaching/detaching a keyword to/from a campaign.


that these examples will NOT run as is. You must provide login information their App.Config file and supply some values to channels and keyword IDs that you have access to. For more information see: https://api.truedialog.com/docs/v2.1

SDK Download