GET   https://api.3seventy.com/api/v2.1/account/{accountId}/action-attachKeyword/{actionId}


Gets attach action details.

Path Parameters

accountId integer The account Id which owns the action. required
actionId integer The action to get details for. required

Response Properties application/json

Id integer The Unique Id of the Action.
AccountId integer The account ID that the action reports under.
Schedules array[object] The list of schedules associated with the action
ChannelId integer Channel ID on which the action should be triggered
KeywordId integer Keyword ID to which campaign is attached
CampaignId integer The ID of the campaign to attach ot the keyword.
Created string DateTime when this action was first created.
Modified string DateTime when this action was last modified.
CreatedBy string Who initially created this action.
ModifiedBy string Who last modified this action
  "ChannelId": 1,
  "KeywordId": 2674,
  "CampaignId": 8327,
  "Id": 1697,
  "AccountId": 4350,
  "Created": "2015-11-28T16:47:32",
  "Modified": "2015-11-28T16:47:32",
  "CreatedBy": "",
  "ModifiedBy": "",
  "Schedules": []


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client.Enums;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client.Models;

public class Program

private static void Main(string[] args)


const int accountId = XXXX;

const int accountKeywordId = XXXX;

var context = new T70Context();

var actionKeywordRepo = context.Repository<ActionAttachKeyword>(new { AccountId = accountId });

var item = actionKeywordRepo.Get(accountKeywordId);