GET   https://api.3seventy.com/api/v2.1/account/{accountId}/api-key/{keyId}


Gets detailed information of Api Key (including a secret)

Path Parameters

accountId integer The account the key belongs to. required
keyId integer The key identificator. required

Response Properties application/json

AccountId integer An account this api key has access to.
Key string A key. Used as a login name.
Label string User-defined identificator
LastActivity string A time of last login.
Secret string A secret. Used as a login password.
Type string A key type mapping.
TypeId number Type of a key.
UserName string A user this key is owned by if any. For master keys only.
ValidTo string A datetime this key is valid to. For temporary keys only.
    "Id": 1963,
    "Label": "Master",
    "Key": "sfdcweadcasdfcawfsdc",
    "TypeId": 1,
    "Type": 1,
    "ValidTo": null,
    "LastActivity": "2016-02-08T18:50:17",
    "AccountId": 43510,
    "UserName": "Integraton_User_4"


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client.Models;

public class Program

private static void Main(string[] args)

const int accountId = XXXX;

const int keyId = XXXX;

var context = new T70Context();

var apiKeyRepo = context.Repository<ApiKey>(new { AccountId = accountId });

var item = apiKeyRepo.Get(keyId );