Create a new Api Key.

Request URL

POST   https://api.3seventy.com/api/v2.1/account/{accountId}/api-key

Request Properties

Parameter Description Mandatory
accountId The Account to create an Api Key for. Yes
Label User defined identificator Yes
Type Api Key type: 1 for a Common key, 2 for a Temporary key Yes
ValidTo A date and time this key will be valid to. (Applicable for Temporary keys only) No

Response Properties

Property Description
AccountId An account this api key has access to.
Key A key. Used as a login name.
Label User-defined identificator
LastActivity A time of last login.
Secret A secret. Used as a login password.
Type A key type mapping.
TypeId Type of a key.
UserName A user this key is owned by if any. For master keys only.
ValidTo A datetime this key is valid to. For temporary keys only.


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