GET   https://api.3seventy.com/api/v2.1/account/{accountId}/chat/conversation?chatName={chatName}


Gets a chat conversation log entry by chat name

Path Parameters

accountId integer The account ID to check for chat log. required

Query Strings

chatName string Name of the Chat required

Response Properties application/json

Id integer The ID the conversation log.
AccountId integer The account ID the conversation belongs to.
AutoResponded boolean True if target already got auto-response message
ContactId integer A contact you are talking to
DisplayName string A name to display
LastMessage string Last incoming message timestamp
RealTarget string Real target -- holding phone number for SMS users
Target string Collocutor(s) -- nick or channel name
UnreadCount string Total messages unread.
  "Id": 1,
  "AccountId": 43510,
  "AssignedTo": 43510,
  "AutoResponded": false,
  "ContactId": 6047531,
  "DisplayName": "Test Phone 08",
  "FirstName": "Test",
  "LastName": "3808",
  "LastMessage": "2018-06-28T16:35:48",
  "RealTarget": "+151254XXXXX",
  "Target": "US5125453XXX",
  "UnreadCount": 1,
  "Unsubscribed": false,
  "LastMessageData": null


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