Creates a new user for the supplied account ID with the given details.

Request URL

POST   https://api.3seventy.com/api/v2.1/account/{accountId}/user

Request Properties

Parameter Description Mandatory
accountId The account ID to assign the user to. Yes
username The login name for the new user. Yes
Password The login password for the new user. Yes
PasswordConfirmation Confirmation password, must match Password. Yes
Email Email address of the user. Yes
FirstName The user's first or given name. No
LastName The user's last or family name. No
PhoneNumber The user's mobile phone number. Yes
IsChatUser Chat agent has access to Call Center only. No
Comment Gets or sets application-specific information for the membership user. No
IsApproved Gets or sets whether the membership user can be authenticated. No
IsLockedOut Gets a value indicating whether the membership user is locked out and unable to be validated. No


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client;
using ThreeSeventy.Vector.Client.Models;

public class Program

private static void Main(string[] args)

const int accountId = XXX;

var context = new T70Context();

var userRepo = context.Repository<User>(new { AccountId = accountId });

var item = new User()

AccountId = XXXXX,

Email = "XXXXXXX",

UserName = "XXXXXXXX",

FirstName = "XXXXXX",

LastName = "XXXXXX",

Password = "XXXXXXX",

PasswordConfirmation = "XXXXXXX"






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