Request Long Code


Lets you request a new phone number.

Base URL



Verb Path about
GET /account/{accountId}/request-tn Gets a list of all TN orders made on a given account.
POST /account/{accountId}/request-tn This endpoint will search for and request a new telephone number. You many search for a phone number using this endpoint, which will orders the first X quantity of numbers requested. SearchBy indicates how you wish for the pattern field to be interpreted: 0) None -- The pattern is ignored and a random list of numbers will be returned. 1) AreaCode -- The pattern indicates a NANP area code to search with in. (E.g. "512") 2) CityState -- The pattern indicates a city state to search within. (E.g. "Austin, TX") 3) ZipCode -- The pattern is a 5 digit US zip code to search within. (E.g. "78746") 10) SearchId -- The pattern is a search ID to use from a previous call to search-for-tn.
GET /account/{accountId}/request-tn/{requestId} Gets the details of a specific order request.